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IRIS is astronomical images processing software for Windows 98 through XP

IRIS is astronomical images processing software that provides a full range of features to enhance, correct and process digital astronomical images, optimized for CCD captures. It can open digital raw formats, as well as BMP, FITS and PIC as well as images from the Buil-Thouvenot Atlas. The many features include noise suppression, distortion correction, stacking of image sequences, spectra processing, sun chromosphere image processing, frame grabbing via webcam and much more.

 Open and display an image file
Adjust aspect of a B&W image
Adjust aspect of a color image
Save an image file
Geometric transformations
Preprocessing of grey level images
Make B&W master frames
Align stellar images (automatic methods)
Align stellar images (manual methods)
Special alignment functions (field rotation, ...)
Stack a sequence of images
Diphering and optimal addition of a sequence of images
Preprocessing of Digital SLR camera images
Remove gradient of the sky background
DSLR roadmap (preprocessing 2)
Color / B&W conversions
Load and display a Digital SLR image
Split a CFA image
Color techniques
(L)RGB techniques
Console commands and scripts
Astrometric reduction
Sun processing
Planetary processing
Cosmetic corrections
Atmospheric turbulence correction
Wavelet analysis and noise filtering
Blinking and animation
Spectra preprocessing
Image selection
Modelisation by ellipse fitting
Polarization analysis
Flat-field extraction from science images
Optimal subtraction
Control of an equatorial mount
Remote control of a DSLR camera
Processing of cometary images
Correct optical distortion
Produce High Dynamic Range images (HDR)

English and French version available


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