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Duplicate Files Searcher will find and delete duplicate files on your computer. Java 5 required.

What is Duplicate Files Searcher?

   Duplicate Files Searcher is a free powerful software utility that will help you to find and delete duplicate files on your computer. It can also be used to calculate MD5 and SHA hashes. The software runs in Windows, Linux, Solaris and MacOS.

What are the key features of the Duplicate Files Searcher?

   The most important features are:

    * absolutely unique feature that makes it possible to find duplicates not only within one computer but also among many computers or CD, DVD etc.,
    * saving and loading searching results,
    * Easy to use graphical user interface,
    * No limitations on number of files, file size, folders or drives,
    * Works with all removable media devices such as floppy disk, CD/DVD ROM, USB devices, etc.
    * Manual files selection which gives a user the full control over files to be deleted,
    * Byte for byte files comparison. It ensures 100% accuracy.
    * Files preview,
    * Several files comparison methods,
    * The software uses Java Runtime Environment.

What are the system requirements for Duplicate Files Searcher?

  Since DFS is entirely written in Java it requires Java Runtime Environment Standard Edition (JRE SE) installed on your computer. The minimum required Java version is 1.5. Go to FAQ section to learn where you can download the latest JRE version for your operating system.

Does Duplicate Files Searcher  support non-English languages?

  Currently Duplicate Files Searcher supports English, French, German and Polish. If you are fluent in a non-English language and would like to translate Duplicate Files Searcher, send a message (including your e-mail) to me using “Contact the author” menu in the program. As a reward I will add a link to your website.

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