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Jreepad is an excellent free personal database and organizing program in JAVA

Jreepad is an excellent free "personal database" program - it's a great way to organise all your personal notes, thoughts, tasks, recipes, memories...

What's more, it's open-source and programmed in Java, so that all may benefit from it! Much used on Mac OSX, Linux, Unix, and even Windows!
Main features:

    * A Jreepad file consists of a nice simple tree structure, and each "node" has an associated "article" - this can be plain text, HTML or tabular data.
    * Nodes can be rearranged very intuitively with drag-and-drop functionality (or by keyboard), so it's easy to arrange your thoughts.
    * There's a very powerful and intuitive search facility to locate a piece of text in a subtree
    * Hyperlink support: select a link and you can follow it - whether it's HTTP, FTP, mailto:, "node://" (as used in Treepad), or even WikiStyleLinks!
    * Integrated Google search
    * Load/save Treepad (.HJT) files, compatible with Treepad Lite (so you can share files with Windows users)
    * ...and much more, of course.

Jreepad 1.5 is available in 3 flavors:

    * Jreepad for Mac OSX
      - or -
    * Jreepad for Windows
      - or -
    * Jreepad for Java .JAR file (platform-independent - used on Linux, Unix, etc)
          o If you're not familiar with using .JAR files, read this: How to use the Jreepad .JAR

System requirements: Any operating system, with Java 1.4 or later installed.

Jreepad is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. If you want more features, then please visit the Jreepad project page and submit a feature request - or even better, download the source code and improve it yourself!

Jreepad is originally based on Treepad Lite, an excellent free program which is only available for Windows and Linux. When I moved from Windows to Mac I needed Treepad's functionality so I created it myself. Jreepad has gradually grown to provide more functionality than Treepad Lite, but its files are still compatible with the original Windows software.

Please note that Jreepad is not directly affiliated with Treepad - it's an independent project.

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