Author Topic: Mono is a weird arcade game concept written for Windows and Direct X 9  (Read 2315 times)

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Mono is a weird arcade game concept written for Windows and Direct X 9

Thanks to SynapticFlatulence for suggesting this!

Described as "Part Asteroids, Part Robotron and Part Paint Shop Pro" you are left wondering just what is in store when you start-up this sublime little shooter. From the instructions: "The aim of the game is to change the colour of the entire screen from black to white or white to black. This is achieved by shooting the alien blobs that colour the background when destroyed. There are 3 colours of blobs to shoot (red, green and blue) and the colour they leave behind changes the behaviour of any enemies that travel over it. A sort of "player controlled difficulty curve" where the more of the screen you colour, the more the enemies behaviour changes."

In reality what happens is the game starts with a nicely black screen (or white if you select that version, more later). Large "aliens" (coloured circles) float across the landscape. When you shoot them they leave a colour patch of nebula like gas on the background image and break into smaller shapes (ala Asteroids). These break down into yet smaller shapes when shot until they are tiny and die completely. When they get into the small stage they cause you problems! Collisions lose energy, when they go over certain colours in the background, they shoot at you and sometimes they just ram right into you for fun. The game starts out very quietly, the few circles there are posing little threat. Keep playing for just 5 minutes and you'll soon have a whole different matter on your hands as the screen is full of cycling colours, enemies and bullets. Oh the bullets! Various power-ups give you different waveforms on your bullets which swirl around you, rebounding off the edges of the screen and zapping the aliens in vibrant explosions.

One hint: although it's harder on the eyes to start with starting with a white background actually makes it easier to play in our opinion. Because the aim is then to turn the screen black and it's towards the very end of the level that you have the most manic things going on on-screen, so the clearer your display is the better!


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