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Weekend Warrior Video Game For Mac Classic PPC (and Classic on Mac X PPC)

Once upon a Time this 3D fully rendered Action Game was SHAREWARE and It was EXCITING and it was WELL Worth the Money they asked for it. 
Software Santa says "It's Awesome, Dude!"

Used to be you could BUY this Cool Game for your Macintosh in this BOX:

But it Hasn't been on the Market in 11 years I think ... It's a Beloved Antique!

Choose a Character, there's 8 to choose from!

The cowboy battles killer tomatoes in the Topiary Maze

 Postal Paul battles in the Fun House

 Lost in the abandoned Gold Mine

Weekend Warrior is best run with at least the following configuration:

    * 100mhz PowerPC 601
    * 16 Meg RAM
    * 3D Graphics Acceleration (via ATI's Xclaim card or other)

However, the game will also run without a 3D accelerator on fast machines with at least 24megs of RAM. It is recommended you have at least a 120mhz 604 processor to run without a 3D accelerator. To run "well" without an accelerator, you'd be better off with at least a 180mhz 604e.

Note: Even if you have a 250mhz 604e, you'll have to shrink the game play window 30% for it to run at the desired 20 frames/second if you don't have a 3D accelerator card.

You can probably tell that we HIGHLY recommend purchasing a 3D accelerator card to play this game, but if you've got the horsepower, you should have no problem.

GUFFAW! (I'm Sorry, I couldn't help it - do any of you Windows Users remember those Super Hot i486 processor computers, from 1997 or So?  ::) ;D :D )

 The Butcher "Delicatessen Dan" battles evil ghosts in the Haunted House!

He'll Slug you with a Haunch of Meat!

Weekend Warrior is now Freeware!  You can now download the full version of Weekend Warrior for free!

NOTE: This freeware game is provided as-is and without technical support, so please don't bug us with bugs. The game is old - its amazing it still runs at all.

You're a player in the most action packed and intense game show ever aired: Weekend Warrior. All you can do to defend yourself is slug at your opponents with your handy "swing thing."

Score this Video GAME!

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