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PhotoScale is a picture resizing and format changing tool, written in JAVA, for most systems.

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PhotoScale is a picture resizing and format changing tool. It can scale all the images inside a directory to a defined resolution quite quickly. It's pretty useful for users of social networking and photo sharing sites.

What's this?

PhotoScale! is an image scaling tool, it allows you to resize whole directories of images to mostly any(reasonable) resolution and also convert them to different image formats.

It's an ideal tool when you have to upload to the web huge amounts of pictures. Most social networking sites use quite low image resolutions and uploading 3072x2304 (7 megapixels, approximately 4.5 megabytes) pictures is both a waste of time and bandwidth.

For example, uses a resolution of 500x375 (~20kb), uploading your 5mb picture over a 1mb connection would take ages (most upload speeds are under 100kb/s, mine is about 20kb/s). If you scale the picture before uploading, the transfer takes almost nothing!

System Requirements

There aren't many system requirements actually, you just need to have the latest version of java runtime edition installed on your system to run the program. I haven't tested it yet, but I think 128mb of RAM is more than enough to run the program.
In case you don't have Java, get it from the official site.

About the Author

This program was created and is mantained by a hoopy frood called Ale Ricatti, who comes from somewhere in the vicinity of Corrientes, Argentina, and of course, always knows where his towel is!
If for some weird reason you feel the urge to contact me, drop a message at the forums, or use sourceforge's mail system to reach me ;D


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