Author Topic: CoolPlayer is a Blazing fast audio player for Windows.  (Read 3089 times)

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CoolPlayer is a Blazing fast audio player for Windows.
« on: September 11, 2008, 11:56:41 PM »
CoolPlayer is a Blazing fast audio player for Windows.

1: How can I get my mp3's to open in Coolplayer by default?
A: In the options you can press the 'Register Filetypes' button which will make CoolPlayer the default player for .mp1 .mp2 .mp3 .m3u .pls files.

2: I would like to see all possible commandline options, how can I do that?
A: Just enter on the commandline:
coolplayer.exe -h
and you'll see them all.

3: How do I convert a MP3 file to a WAV file?
A: Go to options and select as Output: File writer.

4: How can I load another skin in CoolPlayer?
A: First you have to download one. You can download a lot of them at then you have to extract it with a utility like WinZip. You can extract it to any directory you like, but I suggest to a directory below CoolPlayer with the name of the skin. Now you can go to options and at the bottom you can open a skin initialization file. This file will be supplied in the directory where you unzipped the skin. Click 'Ok' and the new skin will be loaded and remembered.

5: Why aren't the pathnames saved with my playlists?
A: The .m3u format doesn't save pathnames when the playlist is saved in the directory where the files reside. When you save the playlist in another directory pathnames are saved. You can save the playlist as a .pls file, which will always save the pathnames.

6: Why?
I started developing CoolPlayer after the good old NAD player sold out and went over to sonique. I wanted to write a very small and fast freeware MPEG audio player that has just all the features I want. During development lot's of people gave me ideas and bug reports so CoolPlayer became more and more steady. After the makeover it is possible to have freeform skins and new features keep coming each release. I hope I can keep releasing new version on a regular basis, but I never know what time will bring. We shall see.... In the end, there always remain a few...

7: Can you make this or that feature?
A: Maybe, but you have to ask, please post these on the forum...


    * GNU General Public License
    * Freeform Skins
    * Simple User Interface
    * Advanced Playlist editor
    * Internet streaming
    * ID3 Multitagger
    * File Renamer
    * Fast mp3->wav converter
    * MAD mpeg engine
    * OGG Vorbis support
    * Winamp input plugins support
    * Smallest executable programmed in blazing fast 'C'
    * Continuous play
    * 8 band convolution equalizer
    * Lot's more...


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