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Sign Generator Fun: with Over 500 online Sign Generators
« on: September 14, 2008, 09:43:57 PM »
Sign Generator Fun: with Over 500 online Sign Generators

Sign Generator Widgets & Image Generators

Create free graphics/cliparts and e-cards online.

A sign generator can be a fun image making tool to create hoax/fake/forged images and email them to friends as a April Fool's Day prank/gag.A "sign generator" is an online widget that allows you to change the letters in various photos of signs (road signs, people holding signs, product parodies) to make personalized images/graphics and ecards. Simply choose an image template (below is a huge list of over 500 sign generators) and change the text messages in the pictures (downloadable, printable and e-card sendable). All templates have been pre-laid out so that the new text you embed will be in the proper area (well close enough for all intense and purposes, you can adjust the paragraph right/left/up/down, change fonts/color, even semitransparent text), this make your image creating easier and less time consuming. You can also use your own images with a similar tool on

Many of these image generator tools will make useful graphics to add on your web blog (many of these image generators provide HTML code allowing for hotlinking!Not all these image makers are sign generators, but the others (usually brand name products , places or things you can change the lettering) are same basic concept using the same programming. We are always adding new designs, so make sure you come back at least once a month (bookmark us) to see the new image gadgets we set up for you. PS, sorry for the large list, we have started categorizing the image generators to make choosing easier!


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