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Banner Generator: Create 1000s Of Free Web Banners with this Online Web Based Application

100% Free Online Banner Maker!

We were frustrated to find that most places now a days want paid membership for web based banner making applications (free sites offer limited choices and features). Even software I tried out only had maybe 10-50 banners to choose from (not over 40,000+ like our site here does) or there are way too many pop-up ads (we have no popups).

Due to this frustration, we made our own banner designing software (this online site, we even use the banners on our other sites) which I programmed in Visual Basic script for web servers (so it was accessible over the internet to anyone in the world). We hope you like this huge project and we hope you link to our site!

You can now SEARCH through the blank banners (not all banners have proper names, you may wish to browse through all the banner blanks)!

    * Select from over 1,000+ blank banner photo/image ads to customize (premade professional layout of 468 x 60 pixel graphics with blank areas for your text)
    * World Country Flags, over 220 country flag banner ads to customize!
    * Choose from over 40,000+ (equation) gradient colored background banners (select reverse, horizontal/vertical, etc)
    * Choose from 144 solid background colors
    * Add up to 2 lines of text any where you want on banner blanks
    * Choose the fonts to use
    * Choose the font sizes
    * Choose the font colors
    * Choose X and Y coordinates (where you text starts)
    * Downloadable files (.PNG format or .JPG), "Save image as"
    * Completely free to make custom banners
    * No sign up or membership needed


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