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KRISTAL Audio Engine is a powerful multitrack recorder audio sequencer and mixer.

KRISTAL Audio Engine is a powerful multi-track recorder, audio sequencer and mixer - ideal for anyone wanting to get started with recording, mixing and mastering digital audio.

It is designed as a modular system. The main application provides a mixing console, while the audio sequencer, live audio input and so on are loaded as separate Plug-Ins.
KRISTAL Audio Engine is free for personal, educational and non-commercial use.

For commercial use we offer the following licensing options: Click to expand
KRISTAL Audio Engine

    * 16 audio tracks
    * 32 Bit floating point audio engine
    * 44.1 to 192 kHz sample rate*
    * Downmix to 16/24/32 Bit audio files
    * 3-band parametric EQ &
    * 2 VST insert slots per channel
    * 3 VST master effect slots
    * ASIO low latency audio driver support
    * 4 KRISTAL Plug-In slots
    * Load/Save KRISTAL project files
    * Supported file formats: WAVE, AIFF, FLAC, OGG Vorbis

The following Plug-Ins are included in the KRISTAL package:


    * the sequencer Plug-In for KRISTAL
    * multichannel harddisk recording via ASIO/MME
    * ASIO input monitoring
    * audio clip arrangement
    * audio clip fade-in/fade-out/crossfade
    * unlimited undo/redo
    * AES31 Export


    * connect your mic/guitar and play thru KRISTAL using VST effects in realtime

KRISTAL Effects Plug-Ins

    * KristalMultiDelay
    * KristalChorus
    * KristalReverb
    * Kristalizer

For a more in-depth view on KRISTAL Audio Engine, please read the online manual.

* The available sample rates depend on the audio hardware you are using
I started the project in 1999 for my diploma thesis. The original name Crystal Audio Engine was derived from the famous song "The Crystal Ship" by The Doors. There were in fact people trying to use the program and I received quite a lot requests until today. This lead me to continue working on it occasionally in my free time, after having it "on ice" for nearly two years. And here we are now, with a brand new version under a slightly different name. Here is a screenshot of the original Crystal Audio Engine.

- matthias, Oct. 2003

PC    "State of the art" machine (> 1 GHz recommended)
OS    Windows XP or 2000
(Win98/ME requires latest Internet Explorer 6.0, WinNT is not supported!)
Display    1280 x 1024 recommended, 1024 x 768 minimum
Sound    ASIO-compatible sound card recommended,
but should work with everything else, too


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