Author Topic: Java-Comix is a Java written comic books files reader for Java 1.4 or later.  (Read 2920 times)

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Java-Comix is a Java written comic books files reader for Java 1.4 or later.

This ought to work on your system ....
Another fine malware free toy from the Tireless Elves over at Source Forge dot Net! Thanks Guys!

About Java-Comix

Java-Comix is a Java written comic books files reader - like CDisplay and CDisplayEx. It is powerful - it can read directories with images (including subdirectories), zip, cbz, 7z, rar, cbr, tar, cbt files containing images. But this is common for such programs. The main advantage of Java-Comix over the competitors is that it can also read PDF files and that it is O/S independent - it can run on any operating system which supports Java 1.4 or newer.

Since version 4.0 fallowing changes are available - full screen mode, multiple files opened, configuration improvements. In case of full mode you can select screen device if you have more than one.

In version 4.1 very useful playlist functionality is implemented - you can manage your comic book files easly - each playlist file can be one comic book files category. It allows to read comic book files in order set up by user. Now when you are reading comic book from playlist moving to next page on the last page will open next comic book file automaticaly. You can also rate your files which are addedt to playlist.

Version 4.1.1 contains fix for defect which was reported. The defect was that when file was renamed/moved playlist was not updated with the new name/path of the file.


September 26th, 2007. Fix for defect reported - playlist issue after moving/renaming file.

September 25th, 2007. New version released with new playlist functionality and some improvments:

    * playlist functionality
    * UnRar and 7-Zip executables usage performance improvement
    * Next file menu from File menu removed - use playlist instead
    * Last comic book file opening extended to handle playlist

September 12th, 2007. Second release - version 4.0 is available for download. This release contains fallowing changes:

    * full screen mode,
    * multiple files opened (2 by default, can be changed),
    * easier configuration (program will prompt for required data),
    * one configuration file (binary),
    * initial menu removed,
    * menus names changes

September 11th, 2007. Second release changes are implemented and are being tested - soon the download will be available.

September 5th, 2007. First version shared to public (internal version 3.0) is now available. Fallowing features are implemented:

    * pdf files handling,
    * zip, cbz, 7z, rar, cbr, tar, cbt files handling,
    * directories with images handling (jpeg, png, gif),
    * grouped files handling (in directories and archives),
    * group content listing,
    * files distributing,
    * next comic book files finding (in group or directory),
    * fast application hiding,
    * Java look-and-feel configuration,
    * last opened file handling,
    * multiple pages scaling options,
    * page rotating,
    * configuration panel,
    * open comic book files and read pages,
    * passwords to archive files handling,
    * easy page navigating,
    * GC invoking (on or less 2% free, ones a minute, on demand),
    * UnRar (or compatible) executable configuration,
    * 7-Zip (or compatible) executable configuration,
    * temporary files removing (checked on program exit)

September 4th, 2007. Project accepted by SF.NET team.

September 3rd, 2007. Project requested to be hosted on SF.NET.

Planned in next version

If you have any new idea for improving the program - please contact me.

In incoming new version (v.4.2) fallowing changes are implemente:

    * new distribution will be available for integrating the Comix with PortableApps ( - manual installation instructions are provided, executable to run the program from Portable Apps Menu, changed code to detect changed drive letter
    * start-up splash screen
    * playlist new setting - it will be possible to use relative path to comic book files - useful for portable version and keeping the files together with playlist for for example long time storage
    * some fixes and small GUI changes

Requirements and third parties software

Java-Comix requires Java 1.4 or newer to be installed. The application was tested on fallowing configurations:

    * Windows XP with Java 1.4
    * Windows XP with Java 6.0
    * HP-UX with Java 1.4
    * IBM-AIX with Java 1.4

Since I could not find any Java RAR API it is required to configure UnRar executable. Windows UnRar.exe is provided, however if you are running the program on different O/S you need to download correct version of the executable from

It is nice idea also to configure 7-Zip executable location, since not all ZIP files are correctly handled by True-ZIP and Java ZIP APIs. You can download the 7-zip executable from

All other required libraries are included in the package. If you are going to download sources only, you need also download the file with libraries, since the libraries jar files are not included in sources zip file.


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