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iClockr is an easy way to track your time and projects for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

iClockr is focused to show you a simple way to track your time.

The concept of iClockr is based on three columns.

    * Projects: A project is a bundle of tasks
    * Tasks: A tasks is a bundle of durations
    * Durations: A duration is the smallest brick to calculate your total time.

Universal Binary For Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) only

If you are working for different projects you will love the project concept of iClockr.

Each project may contain different tasks and is associated to one customer.

By activating and deactivating the checkbox in the projects list you can decide whether you want to work or not to work on a project.

iClockr comes with a one-click stopwatch concept. Just start iClockr, select your project, select your task and click "Start".

The dock icon will display a mini stopwatch.

Using iClockr you can add/edit and delete durations very easily.

You can manage your times in two modes

    * Flat time based
    * Range based

Each time entry is associated to a task. Using this concept you can rapidly see where you are spending the most of your time.

Tasks are beautiful . Each task is a virtual classification of your work within a project.

Splitting a project in different tasks is essential for hourly based services with different hourly rates.

Manage you customers with iClockr. Customers are used to assign to projects.

Hint: If you are using Invoice 3, just drag a customer from Invoice 3 and drop it to the customer list in iClockr.


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