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Paper Toys are 3D Paper Cut-Outs and they are FREE at - Excellent site to keep Kids busy on a rainy Day - & it ONLY costs you PAPER and GLUE! (Hint: keep Scissors/Glue/and Paper IN STOCK!)

COOL! There is Even a SANTA CLAUS! HO-Ho-ho!!!!!

Here's a Sample of what one person folded up:

  A Software Santa Pick - for the last 10 Years!  

Paper Toys - Paper Cut-Outs - FREE at

Free Papercrafts

    1920's Home Interiors
    1955 Chevrolet Nomad
    Alfa Romeo
    Amercian School Bus
    Angkor Wat
    Apache Helicopter
    Arc de Triomphe
    Big Ben
    Bill Gate's House
    Double-Decker Bus
    Human Body
    Brooklyn Bridge
    Bruce Lee Paper Doll
    Canadian National Railway Train
    Cartoon Car
    Chanukah Menorah
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Christmas Tree
    Christmas Santa
    Shuttle Bus
    Christmas Tree Ornaments
    Chrysler Building
    Chrysler PT Cruiser
    Clown Ring-toss Game
    Circus Big Top
    Dale Earnhardt NASCAR #3
    Dog Breed Collection
    Dubai Clock Tower
    Eiffel Tower
    Electric Vehicle
    Empire State Building
    Ferrari Testerossa
    Formula One Race Car
    Fortune Teller
    Frank Lloyd Wright House
    Great Pyramid
    Great Wall of China
    Hand Shadows
    Harley Davidson Motorcycle
    Haunted House
    Horse Rocker
    IMCA Race Car
    Indonesia National Monument (MONAS)
    Jackup Oil Rig
    Jimi Hendrix Guitar
    Land Rover Freelander
    JoyTime Puzzles
    Lincoln Continental
    London Taxi
    King's Crown
    Mercedes CLK
    Mercedes 320 SL
    Mississippi Queen Riverboat
    Mount Rushmore
    Nash Metropolitan
    Nativity Scene
    Navy Afloat Lab
    Neuschwanstein Castle
    New Volkswagon
    Paper Doll
    Party Hat
    Party Bugle
    Pilgrim Family
    Minnesota Home Model
    Porsche 911
    Queen's Crown
    Schenley Park Visitor's Center
    Santa's House
    Santa Maria
    Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
    Space Shuttle
    Spinning Helicopter
    Sprinter Van
    Statue of Liberty
    Stealth Aircraft
    Sydney Opera House
    Taj Mahal
    Tucker Automobile
    Thanksgiving Turkey
    Tyrannosaurus Rex
    Turkey & Chick
    Valley Transit Authority Bus
    U.S Capitol Building
    Water Balloon
    White House
    World Trade Center Complex
    Wrigley Field


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(OK. For the LAST 10 Years I have had a link posted to your nice site! Here's to 10 MORE Years of sending people Your Way. Keep up the Excellent work! Software Santa)

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