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CoFFEE supports collaborative problem-solving discussions in the classroom

CoFFEE - the new groupware application for digital discussions in a live classroom situation.
CoFFEE offers customisable tools, such as a threaded discussion forum, graphical concept mapping, voting and more.
CoFFEE is open-source and free!
Available in: English, French, Italian and Dutch.

CoFFEE is a suite of applications to support collaborative problem-solving discussions in the classroom. Its main components are a series of tools for collaboration, shared work, individual work and communication. Around these core tools, several other components make it possible to plan, run or participate in a CoFFEE lesson (or session).

 CoFFEE Discusser - is the learner's interface to access the various tools.
 CoFFEE Controller - is the teacher's runtime tool. It allows the teacher to load lesson plan, run it step by step, manage groups, block and unblock learners and of course access each group's tools (except private workspaces) in order to monitor, facilitate or participate in the discussions.
 CoFFEE Lesson Planner - currently under development and due to be released with the final version of CoFFEE in november 2008, this is a tool that allows the teacher to plan the session ahead of time. Planning a session can begin from editing a pre-configured template to creating everything from scratch in the advanced Session Editor (which replaces the Session Designer found in previous versions), or specifying the list of learners, their names, password (in case this is required) and group affiliation in the CoFFEE Class Editor. Both the Session Editor and the Class Editor are already part of the CoFFEE3.0 installation package.
 Replayer - the replayer allows researchers (but also curious teachers) to play back traces of an entire CoFFEE session.

CoFFEE is Open Source software and free to download and use. CoFFEE is governed by the ECLIPSE EPL license. CoFFEE is written in JAVA.

The current version is CoFFEE 3.5 and is available in four languages, for Windows 2000 - Windows XP and Mac.
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