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Perian WAS a free and open source QuickTime component that adds needed Codecs to QuickTime!


With Perian, the Swiss Army Knife for QuickTime, any OS X application that uses QuickTime can now use these additional media types:

    * AVI, FLV, and MKV file formats
    * MS-MPEG4 v1 & v2, DivX, 3ivX, H.264, FLV1, FSV1, VP6, H263I, VP3, HuffYUV, FFVHuff, MPEG1 & MPEG2 Video, Fraps, Windows Media Audio v1 & v2, Flash ADPCM, Xiph Vorbis (in Matroska), MPEG Layer II Audio
    * AVI support for: AAC, AC3 Audio, H.264, MPEG4, and VBR MP3
    * Subtitle support for SSA and SRT

We are proud to offer links to related software in the community:

    * Perian can be used with QuickTime Player, NicePlayer, and QTAmateur to name a few
    * Windows Media® is unsupported, use the Flip4Mac WMV Components instead
    * The internet TV platform Democracy includes Perian

The Perian Project would like to thank:

    * Jérôme Cornet of FFusion and Christoph Nägeli of XviD_Codec for the AviImporter.
    * FFmpeg for providing such a rich audio/video codec library.
    * Dag Ã…gren and the Mozilla Foundation for the universal Charset Detector.
    * Matroska for the audio/video container libraries.
    * Perian software downloads are provided by Cachefly, Thanks!

Mac OS X 10.4.7 or later.
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