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The NumericalChameleon is free software, written in JAVA, to convert units.

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NumericalChameleon 1.6.0
More than an Unit Converter. A Numerical Chameleon.


The NumericalChameleon is a free, open source, platform-independent and localized software to convert units. It converts numbers with a precision of up to 1000 significant figures. It supports more than 3200 units in 82 categories, including not only all important physical units of categories like length, area, volume, electricity, magnetism, force, power, energy, pressure, mass, temperature, velocity, acceleration, radioactivity and time, but also exchange rates, timezones, spoken numbers (literally and by audio*), roman numbers, 35 radixes, bits&bytes, screen resolutions, colorcodes, unicodes, international dial codes, calendar and holiday calculations, phonetic alphabets and more. It provides a modern, dynamic and graphical user interface.

You have unlimited access on all categories, units, icons, filters and themes. You can add, modify, hide or delete them. All configuration data are stored in flat files. You can update exchange rates from several webservices.

The NumericalChameleon is released under the terms of GNU GPL.

For detailed information see features and examples.

* At the moment, the audio feature is available for German, US English and the morse code only. A soundcard is required. Soundfiles must be downloaded separately.


Absolute free software

    * This software is OSI Certified Open Source Software
    * Free of charge
    * Free of registration
    * Free of any limitations
    * Free of advertisement

Runs really anywhere

    * The application is platform independent, because it is written entirely in Java. You can run it on all common operating systems with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE), such as Windows (95/98/ME/2000/2003/NT/XP/Vista), Linux (GNU/Debian, Red Hat, SUSE, Mandriva, etc.), Unix (BSD, Mac OS X on PPC, Mac OS X on x86, Solaris on SPARC, Solaris on x86) or OS/2, etc. Get the latest JRE from
    * Runs also without an internet connection
    * Runs not only on 32 bit architectures, but also on 64-bit
    * Can not only be run in single user environments, but also in multi-user-environments and network environments
    * You don't need an internet connection to run it, but it also runs also over the internet
    * It keeps compatibility with J2SE 1.3, but takes all the advantages of 1.4.2, 5.0 or Java SE 6 if available
    * The installer creates shortcuts under Windows
    * A desktop file is available for Gnome and KDE users
    * Behaves like a native Apple application under Mac OS X

Flexible Installation

    * Interactive, graphical Installer which doesn't touch your registry
    * Batch-Installer (with xml config) for the command line to automatize the installation on many clients or for installing the program on a headless server in a network for example

Highest precision

    * Unlimited precision before the comma (e. g. 1 Yottabyte = 9671406556917033397649408 Bit)
    * Decimal precision up to 1000 after the comma (e. g. 1 m = 39.370078740157480314960629921259842519685039... inches)
    * Optional scientific notation for results

Tons of categories and units

    * Supports more than 3200 units in 81 categories:
    * Standard physical units of all popular categories (A-Z) are supported (angle, counting, length, area, volume, time, temperatures, forces, pressure, frequency, velocity, acceleration, loudness, refraction, si prefixes, data storage, data transfer, screen resolution, electric current, electric density, electric voltage, electric field strength, electric flux density, agility of electrons, electric resistance, electric charge, conductance, capacitance, energy, irradiation, energy density per volume, energy density, heat capacity, entropy, luminous intensity, luminance, luminous flux, illuminance, exposure, luminous flux per radiant flux, power, power per area, power per volume, power per mass, mass, mass per time, mass proportion, mass concentration, density, mass density, magnetic flux, magnetic field strength, magnetic flux density, inductance, ionizing radiations, specific activity, stereo angle, absorbed dose, exposure, amount of substance, proportion of substance, dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, proportion of volume, volumetric flow, specific volume, hardness of water)
    * Roman numerals
    * 35 radixes (radix 2 - 36), including dual, octal and hex
    * Exchange rates, update them over the net
    * Historic Euroland conversions
    * Converts Timezones from all over the world for any given date or time
    * It speaks numbers in 22 languages literally and by audio*
    * International dial codes to and from all countries
    * Alphanumerical phonenumbers
    * Calendar-Calculations (Day of week, week of year, Sun signes, etc., more than 90 international federal and non federal holidays from the US, Germany and Switzerland)
    * Colorcodes
    * Unicodes
    * Static Tables (cloth sizes, natural tables)
    * Phonetic alphabets, including both international and national alphabets, NATO/ICAO and Morse

Highly customizable and intuitive Graphical user interface

    * Modern GUI
    * It's both internationalized and localized, language support for English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Spanish and Portuguese
    * It supports Unicode
    * The GUI  is resizable and positionable to save space on your screen
    * Five views are supported, so you can hide GUI components you don't want to see to save space on your screen
    * Several Look and Feels and themes are supported, just a real chameleon
    * There are images for both categories and units (there are pixmaps available for 241 countries!)
    * Right click popup-menus for faster navigation
    * Tooltips for all important components
    * Disable tooltips if you don't like them
    * Online-Help
    * The best: you have unlimited permission for adding, modifying, hiding and deleting ALL categories, units, icons, filters and themes

    *   Easy input
    * While typing values you see the result of the calculation immediately
    * Increase or decrease input values with one mouseclick
    * There is a graphical user interfaces to pick a Color, supporting the mit HSB- and RBG-model
    * There is a graphical user interfaces to pick a Date easily
    * Build-in editor with undo and redo functions for making notices and save conversions in several formats

    *   Easy navigation
    * Filter for categories are supported, so you can hide categories you don't want to see
    * Favorites/Bookmarks are supported for accessing units much quicker

    * (in May 2004, the NC was the first application that introduced this feature in an unit converter) Search for units and categories

    *   Customizable output
    * You can choose the format for the results
    * You can define your own formats
    * A step controlled unit list can be generated for one, a few or all targets

Interfaces to other programs

    * Update exchange rates for any date with the graphical user interface or at the command line with cronjobs (filter for 12 webservices are supported), and you can create your own exchange rate filters
    * Export calculated data to your favorite Spreadsheet or word processing application, like OpenOffice, StarOffice, Word, Excel, etc.
    * Export international holidays to calendar formats for dtcm, Outlook or iCalendar-compatible applications
    * Load and save calculations in several formats (Text, HTML, Unicode UTF-8, UTF-16 little endian, UTF-16 big endian are supported)
    * Cut/copy/paste are supported to allow importing/exporting data to and from other applications

You can Install and Run this over the web ... Click here:

Or download the FULL Working Version here:


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