Author Topic: PowerOff schedules a shutdown/reboot/logoff/poweroff/Standby/Hibernate/Etc.  (Read 3605 times)

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PowerOff schedules a shutdown/reboot/logoff/poweroff/Standby/Hibernate/Lock/Wake-On-LAN at a certain time.

Poweroff 3.0

A free shutdown utility
Created by Jorgen Bosman
Made in Belgium
1 Introduction

Poweroff is a small program that allows you to control the power state of your pc.

It can power off, shutdown or reboot your pc, log you off, lock your workstation, go to standby or hibernation mode and even wake up another pc.

All actions can be done locally or on a remote pc (if they are running poweroff).

The action can be performed immediately or scheduled, by using a built-in scheduler.

All actions and options can be controlled by command line options. This way, you can easily integrate poweroff in your batch files.

It should run on Windows 95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP, each with its own limitations. Beware that I haven’t tested the program on these operating systems, but in theory it should work on all of them…

Since this release has been completely rewritten from scratch, it may be possible that it still contains some bugs. Please let me know if you find one.

Full source code is included!

Installation is very easy, just extract the poweroff.exe file somewhere where you can find it and double-click the executable. You do not need any of the other files in the zip file, unless you are interested in the source code.


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