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Firefox is a Chrome Browser Wannabe For Win / Mac X / LINUX / Android and More. Now Including Paid ADVERTISING hidden here and there in the User Interface .... as of Firefox Version 33! This App is getting worse and WORSE every year!!!!
Firefox is eliminating their Extensions, Now!
Firefox Lost it's way.
Here is another smart person that can no longer tolerate the watering down of the once useful Firefox browser.

Software Santa's Note: Firefox up to Version 28 WAS a GOOD Program. But since the Firefox Australis UI was FORCED Upon everyone at Version 29 and Later: the Firefox Browser is not usable anymore ... and Software Santa was forced to switch to SeaMonkey 2.3 instead. Software Santa recommends you either Use Pale Moon (for Windows or Linux) OR SeaMonkey (for Mac OS X) ... but Not Firefox Anymore!!!! Oh, and IF you LIKE Rounded Tabs on the top row ... Go get Chrome: don't bother with its cheap knockoff ...

Firefox is:

A Cheap Knock off of the Chrome Browser's Interface WITHOUT the Superior Chrome Browser Next Generation rendering engine.

Get this browser ONLY if you do not care about customizing the Browser in ANY way! This useless plain vanilla browser offers only ONE way to see the Web. Don't try to add any functionality or change the way it is laid out: you WILL Be disappointed!

The controlling 'masters' running the show at Mozilla CAN remotely change your Browsers settings ... including the default search engine Firefox uses! The Yahoo! search engine is only preferred by 3.8 % of internet users (compared to Bing's 4.4% market share and Google's Lion's Share of over 88% of market share ... of all internet searches) but Yahoo! has outbid Google to be declared as "Firefox's default search engine".

So, in December of 2014, Firefox will SWITCH Has Switched your Browser's default search engine to Yahoo! from Google! If you do not like having a big corporation DECIDE which search engine you will use: try ANOTHER Browser!  If you do not like having a big corporation REMOTELY Change your browser settings whenever they like: USE ANOTHER Browser!

According to one writer ... Firefox is NOT Being Truthful
- OR Honest - with their user base any more!


Software Santa recommends that you install these Add-ins ... With SeaMonkey or Pale Moon:

  Adblock Plus is a browser extension that blocks advertising on web pages!

  Web Of Trust WOT Internet Security plugin warns you about risky websites

  Beef Taco Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out Sets permanent opt-out cookies

  DoNotTrackMe stops identity thieves, advertisers, social networks, and spammers 
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