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MChat is a simple IRC (Internet Relay Chat) chat application for Mac OS X 10.3 or later.

MChat - simple chat application

MChat Features

Easy connecting
Open the application. Connect and chat.

Keep a list of friends, so you can see you friends easy.

Bring your chat sessions to live with these emoticons :-)

Change from metal to normal and the other way around without restarting.

Open source
MChat is open source, so feel free to download the source.

MChat is written with localization in mind.

New in MChat 1.3u:
- Rewriten preferences
- Add metal option
- Universal Binary
- Rewritten help
- Fixed bugs

MChat Documentation

Thank you for trying MChat! We hope you'll find MChat a useful place for help with your Mac and fun chat.
Please let us know if there's anything I can improve on - our e-mail address is

Note: this information is also available in the MChat's help menu. So don't be afraid to throw this file away :-)

- System Requirements
- Getting Started
- Advanced Features
- Registering a nickname

System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.3.9
A PowerPC or Intel Mac
A internet connection

If you have a firewall, make sure you're able to initiate connections to port 6667.

Getting Started:

Ok, so you're ready to head on over to MChat. To start out, make sure MChat's open - it should be, since that's how you got to this Read Me file!

Go up to the Macintosh menu and choose the Preferences... menu item.

A preferences window will pop up. The only part of the window that you need to be concerned with is the Connection tab. Fill in the nickname field, the real name field (which doesn't have to be your real name), and leave the server as You can choose a message that will get sent when you leave MChat as well, in the Quit Message field.

That's it! Just click the Connect button in the upper left hand corner of the chat window, and you're in the room.

To say something, just type in the input field at the bottom of the chat window and press the Return or Enter key.

or (depends on the metal preferences):

Have fun and enjoy!

Advanced Features:

There are a few advanced features in MChat that you may want to know about. First of all, we'll discuss the five checkboxes in the bottom of the Advanced tab in the Preferences window.

If you leave the CTCP enabled box on, people can see what version of MChat you're using and they can see how many seconds it takes for a message to get to you from them. It's not harmful, and there are no security problems with leaving it on. It's just a question of if you are annoyed by messages that pop up saying people checked their delay. Also, it has come to my attention that some peopel like their privacy (missy)

The Message of the Day is a few things about the server that come up when you connect - on the servers we use, it talks about the person the server was named after. It also shows rules about the server. There is no reason to leave this on - you can if you'd like.

Require Option Key for Chat Buffer - if you hold down the option key when you push the up (or down) arrow on your keyboard, it'll scroll through a list of the last things you said. if you uncheck this box, this will be the action of an unmodified arrow.

There is a drawer to the right of the main chat window. On that drawer are a few buttons. Here is what they do:

Private Message: This opens a Private Message Window, allowing you to send and reseave private messages with the selected user.

Ignore: This ignores a nickname so you won't receive messages from them anymore. They will appear gray in the user list.

Ping: This checks the delay between you and another user. If that user has CTCP off, it won't work.

Version: This will tell you what chat program someone is using, and what version. Some common chat programs are: Ircle, mIRC, X-Chat, ShadowIRC, Snak, and AthenaIRC. You are using MChat.

Music: If the selected user is playing music through iTunes, you will see some information about the track that is currently playing.

Registering a nickname:

Connect to chat and change to the nickname you'd like to register. You can change nicknames by typing /nick NewNick into the input field, replacing NewNick with the nickname you want to use. Go up to the File menu, and choose Register Nickname. Follow the steps, and boom, you're done.
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