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Welcome Back Veterans is an initiative designed to raise public awareness about issues facing today's veterans.

Ten thousand young men and women come home from Iraq, Afghanistan, and other zones of conflict every month. They've served our country well, and have made sacrifices - of health, of family, of livelihood - that most of us will never have to make.

IT'S OUR TURN To step up to the plate and GIVE.

The players and owners of Major League Baseball have contributed their time and resources to help returning soldiers and their families through Welcome Back Veterans. Now it's up to us to join the effort and do our part by giving generously.

Major League Baseball and the McCormick Foundation have launched Welcome Back Veterans, an initiative designed to raise public awareness about issues facing today's veterans, and to raise funds to support programs and services that these returning soldiers need to repair and restore their lives.

To encourage giving, the McCormick Foundation will match the first $4 million raised, at 50 percent. In addition, Major League Baseball and McCormick are paying all expenses associated with this initiative, so that 100 percent of the funds raised, plus the matching dollars, will go to programs and services for veterans.

The next step is up to you.

Make a contribution online today!
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