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Collanos Workplace Team Software is free and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux!

Collanos Workplace

Within minutes you can be sharing documents, having online discussions, and managing tasks, all in a single, consolidated space. Built on reliable peer-to-peer technology, Collanos Workplace software allows you to work anywhere, anytime, both online and offline.

Collanos Workplace is free and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux!

Product Overview: What Workplace can do for you!

Every team project entails countless emails, messages, documents, tasks, comments, versions, revisions, approvals, etc.

With Collanos Workplace you can overcome this information clutter by having a single space to share, interact and collaborate with your team.

Product Features

Collanos Workplace provides you with a range of tools and features that can streamline any dispersed teams' collaboration efforts, allowing members to get on board instantly. Here's just a few of the benefits that we offer:
Single, Consolidated Space

Keep all project related content in a single, consolidated workspace. From now on all you need to access is one place to do any project-related activity without the need of going back and forth between multiple tools and channels.

Have more than one ongoing project? There is no limit to the workspaces you can have going at any given time.

Any Content

We know that projects involve countless files, versions, tasks, notes, document related discussions, and general discussions with one or more team members. Collanos Workplace allows you integrate and share any project-related content (Even images, music and video files) into your workspace using the latest encryption protocols.
Any types of content

With all the information being communicated across your teams, it's hard to keep track of new content or urgent matters that need to be addressed instantly. Collanos Workplace allows you to send instant messages to team members and alerts you when updates have been made.

Markers alert you to new content

Instant messages allow you to make immediate contact

Team Work

Each project involves a different team. Each team works differently. Collanos Workplace allows you to invite unlimited team members, communicate with them in real-time or asynchronously, assign them distinct permissions and know their presence status any time. Since every team has their "way of working", Collanos Workplace allows you to create a work structure that truly reflects each team's distinct needs.

Anywhere - Anytime

We realize that a network connection is not always readily available, therefore, have created a peer-to-peer solution that allows you to work on your computer both online and offline. Work wherever, whenever you want without network dependence. Once you get online, your workspaces synchronize transparently with your team members.


Yes, Collanos Workplace is free!

Our goal is to allow our members to install our solutions and collaborate with anyone, without the need to license costly solutions or to be restricted to proprietary networks. Furthermore, stay tuned to our community platform where members will be able to share their templates and user tips.

How will we make money? We will sell premium services to users seeking functionality beyond our core offerings.
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