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JasperReports: Open Source Business Reporting (for ALL Java Capable Computers)

Software Santa doesn't know what business owners or accountants DO, Exactly, with business reporting software.


JasperReports is the leading open source reporting engine. It is used for business intelligence (reporting, OLAP) in Web and desktop applications. Report templates are used to generate print- quality output (PDF, HTML, RTF, XLS) from many data sources.

But Software Santa is willing to hazard a Guess that WHATEVER Commercial "Business Reporting" Software is Out there: that it Costs Business Owners Hundreds or even THOUSANDS of Dollars.

It seems JasperReports is a Part of an entire Intellegence Reporting Package called (of Course) "JasperIntelligence".

JasperIntelligence is an open source business intelligence platform from JasperSoft, providing common services like security and metadata management, and the capability to easily add additional functionality. JasperServer is the first service using the JasperIntelligence platform. JasperIntelligence is a business intelligence platform built by the developers of JasperReports, the leading open source reporting engine. It provides a Web and Web services based environment for reporting, data analysis (OLAP) and data integration.

Somebody out there is doing cartwheels right now ...


Goes with JasperReports:

And iReport:

Like I said: WHATEVER this Powerful Business Software Does - I'm SURE the Software it can REPLACE costs a LOT of Money ...
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