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SciTE is a lightweight fast loading source code text editor for Windows and GTK+ LINUX

SciTE is a text editor originally developed to demonstrate the features of Scintilla an open source source code editor component.

SciTE is distributed and downloadable as a stand-alone product.

It's a lightweight, fast loading text editor particularly useful for software developers who need to edit source code written in a large variety of programming languages, but obviously it can be used to edit any kind of text file.

Some of the most importan features of SciTE are

    * Multi document tabbed views. Switch from a file to another by clicking tabs at the top of the window.
    * Advanced code formatting and syntax highlighting functions. SciTE supports basically every programming language in the world. Hundreds of code formatting and syntax highlighting rules can be downloaded from the site and easily installed.
    * Folding / Unfolding of code blocks. A code block can be folded (and made invisible) with a click of the mouse. You can hide unnecessary details and focus your attention on the part of code you are modifying.
    * Advanced search functions with support of regular expressions. You can search text in multiple external files within a given directory or your entire hard disk.
    * Bookmarks. You can set multiple bookmarks to easily jump to determined lines of the file you are editing.

      Integration with external applications such as compilers. You can compile a file directly from the editor and error messages produced by the compiler will be sent to the SciTE output window. Then you can easily jump to the line that caused the error.

SciTE is an open source application available for Intel Win32 and Linux operating systems. Both binaries and source code can be downloaded from the site.
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