Author Topic: Safari is a Fast Browser for Windows or Mac OS X systems  (Read 3147 times)

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Safari is a Fast Browser for Windows or Mac OS X systems
« on: November 28, 2008, 08:20:12 AM »
Safari is a Fast Browser for Windows or Mac OS X systems.

About Safari

Experience the web, Apple style, with Safari: the fastest, easiest-to-use web browser in the world. With its simple, elegant interface, Safari gets out of your way and lets you enjoy the web faster than any browser. Safari is free for Mac + PC.

Why you’ll love Safari.

   1. Blazing Performance 3x Faster! Safari is the fastest web browser on any platform.
   2. Elegant User Interface  Safari’s clean look lets you focus on the web — not your browser.
   3. Easy Bookmarks  Organize your bookmarks just like you organize music in iTunes.
   4. Pop-up Blocking  Say goodbye to annoying pop-up ads and pop-under windows.
   5. Find  Search any text on any website with the integrated Find banner.
   6. Tabbed Browsing   Open and switch between multiple web pages in a single window.
   7. SnapBack   Instantly snap back to search results or the top level of a website.
   8. Forms AutoFill   Let Safari complete online forms for you, automatically and securely.
   9. RSSBuilt-in RSS tells you when new content is added to your favorite sites.
  10. Resizable Text Fields  Resize text fields on any website: Just grab the corner and drag.
  11. Private Browsing   Keep your online activities private with a single click.
  12. Security   Apple engineers designed Safari to be secure from day one.

(Santa Prefers Firefox 3 because of ALL The Themes/Extensions/and Plug-ins available for it ... YMMV {Your Mileage May Vary})


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