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ThinkQuest ( is the Oracle Education Foundation
« on: December 02, 2008, 10:15:56 AM »
ThinkQuest ( is the Oracle Education Foundation

Santa thinks ALL Teachers should be excited about this online learning resource!

How it works:


Create a Project
Choose a topic and specify the goals and target age range

Add Members
Assign students from your class or collaborate with other members around the world

Start Creating
Add pages, and fill them with text, lists, pictures, multimedia, interactive discussions, votes, and more.

Keep project members updated with the project calendar and message tools.

You can also visit thousands of existing projects for ideas, or to find a project you want to join.

Why Integrate into the Classroom?
Projects provide a flexible framework for engaging students in exploring curricular topics and developing important 21st century skills, such as communication, teamwork, and technology skills. In addition, students are motivated by the fun and creative format and the opportunity to make new friends around the world. For teachers, a school portal enables quick and easy management of student accounts and review of project work.

Over 7,000 websites created by students around the world who have participated in a ThinkQuest Competition.

Arts & Entertainment:
# 650
Music, Architecture, Movies & Animation

Books & Literature:
# 304
Books & Reviews, Authors, Plays & Drama

Business & Industry:
# 166
Money & Economics, Careers, Consumer Education

Computers & the Internet:
# 353
The Internet, Programming, Artificial Intelligence

Geography & Travel:
# 566
North & Central America, Europe, Asia

Health & Safety:
# 875
Human Anatomy, Diseases, Medicine

History & Government:
# 1,117
United States, Ancient Civilizations & Archaeology, War & Conflicts

# 228
Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra

Philosophy, Religion & Mythology:
# 369
Mythology & Legends, Religions, Ethics

Science & Technology:
# 3,050
Life Science, Technology, Earth Science

Social Sciences & Culture:
# 1,225
Education, Cultures, Languages & Language Arts

Sports & Recreation:
# 640
Games & Toys, Baseball & Softball, Soccer


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