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Lessons ALIVE! has complete lesson plans from the education staff at AIT

Complete lesson plans from the education staff at AIT

Multiple lessons (in the following subjects).

    * Health
    * Language Arts
    * Math
    * Science
    * Social Studies

Technology integration made easy!

With years of classroom experience, and countless hours reviewing and developing instructional media here at AIT, we are delighted to share our best ideas for classroom utilization with you. How better to do that than in a lesson plan?

With Lessons ALIVE! you'll find:

    * An expanding collection
    * Inventive ways to implement technology
    * A variety of exciting methods to facilitate learning
    * Contemporary structured approaches modeled

You're invited to submit your own lesson plan ideas to our Lessons ALIVE! library. If you use an AIT product, please contact us by writing to and tell us how you use it. We just might publish your idea here, with due credit to you, of course.

Lessons ALIVE logo and lesson plans are the sole property of AIT but may be reprinted, or adapted for not-for-profit education use worldwide without prior approval. All other rights reserved. For more information please contact or 800-457 4509 ©2006 AIT
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