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OpenCity is a full 3D city simulator game project with versions for MOST Systems!

Santa LOVES His Copy! A Software Santa Pick! Older version 0.0.4 works on the Early 2008 Mac Pro!
Another fine toy from the Elves over at Source Forge!

OpenCity is a full 3D city simulator game project. It is written in standard C++ with OpenGL and SDL from scratch. It is not intended to be a clone of any famous city simulator from Max*s. So, if you are looking to download a free SimCity 4 like, please forget OpenCity. I work on it at my spare time, and I really meant it "my spare time" !

OpenCity is also an OpenGL/SDL/C++ game programming tutorial. In the resources section, you can find the micro simulators' algorithm, design document, UML diagram and information about other issues. The UML diagram is edited with Umbrello, the free UML diagram editor for KDE.

Project's status

The 0.0.6 stable is now available for download. If you desire the latest snapshot, try to check out from the SVN. However, all of works from the development source tree are _not_ for end users, so do not try them if you are looking for a full working program or just interested in playing games.

Please keep in mind that I don't have time to support source codes compiling issues. If you are not a programmer, do not try to compile development codes because they are evils.

At the meaning time, you can build roads, electric lines, electric plant, trees and the three standard RCI zones. Many other features will be implemented in the future. Be patient ;) Our goal is producing a SimCity 2000 like even if SimCity is an old game concept. But we love that old city simulation game concept.

Can I participate to the development of this project ?

Yes, of course. Have a look at the project SourceForge summary page. Put your bug report, feature or support request there or in the f@rum. You can also reach the main contact by mail. If you are a programmer, you can also help us by compiling and testing the latest SVN version from time to time.

And last but not least, thank you guys who send me a feedback about this project ;) By the way, if you like those sophisticated features from SimCity 5++, or the way SimCity Societies works, please do not ask us to implement them in OpenCity. Please order that game from your favorite online store.

For Mac OS X (Tiger or Later) try this Link:
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