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Commander Stalin is a Soviet real time strategy game (RTS) for Windows Or LINUX

Commander Stalin is a Soviet real time strategy game (RTS) based on Boswars.

In a RTS game, the player has to combat its enemies while running his war economy.

Everything run in so called  real-time, in opposition to turn based games where the player always has to wait for his turn. The trick is to balance the effort put into building the economy and building and army to defend an attack the enemies.

The game is set in the Soviet Union ruled by Stalin. The player is Stalin. It must organize the state, industrialization and turn it into a major power. This should effectively manage their resources, creating a broad base of social support (workers), launching the existing industry and develop science and technology.
If you advance in the game remain in power as a great leader. But things do not end here. The Soviet Union is now a superpower and the shadow of World War threat to the world. Despite your peaceful intentions, you will be attacked by Nazi Germany. There's nothing you can do about it except defend.

Luck comrade!

Authors, feature list and more: see the reference documentation .

Edition (June 26, 2008):

For Windows - 223 MB
For Gnu/Linux - 222 MB
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