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NEA - National Education Association - has Free Stuff for Teachers!

FREE Stuff for Educators

These free resources are listed by subject. Click on each subject to find items by grade level (Pre-K, K-12, Elementary School, Middle School, and High School).


    * Links to museum art resources by curriculum, topic, or artist; art lessons; and videos of artists demonstrating their art.
    * Loans of slides/CD-Roms, DVDs. 

Character Education

    * Links to character ed organizations, tips, lessons, curriculum materials, online articles.
    * Subscription to a biannual magazine.

Environmental Education

    * Links to a wildlife group, a campaign, and an interactive program with lesson plan and workbook.


    * Links to health information news - from cooking to fitness to drugs to a SkinDictionary with audio pronunciations.
    * Posters, tips for teachers cards on behaviors that threaten students, kits, and a teen survival guide.

Math and Financial Literacy

    * Links to virtual manipulatives, math lesson plans and activities, interactive practice games, and worksheets.

Physical Education

    * Link to indoor movement activities.

Reading and Language Arts and Literature Resources

    * Links to digital book site for students with difficulties reading printed text, lesson ideas, and interactive vocabulary games and spelling practice.


    * Links to lessons, activities, puzzles; downloadable photos; printable PDFs of books; professional development cases
    * Science bookmarks and posters.

Social Studies

    * Links to lesson plans, videos, games, student stories, biographies, and a guide to inspire civic awareness.
    * Posters of great Americans and a student travel magazine.

Spanish Language

    * Links to interactive materials.

Special Education: Autism

    * Links to background materials and strategies that work.

Supplies - General

    * Links to free book draw; create-your-own calendars; environment, teacher, and mentoring posters, bookmarks and posters.

Teaching Tools

    * Links to lesson plan management site; databases for Native Americans; photos from the news; puzzlemakers; materials for making presentations; downloadable books, lessons, and worksheets; interactive word games; interactive lessons.

Technology and Media Literacy

    * Links to videos, tip sheets, and discussion materials; safety tips, web research tools, and a media literacy kit.
    * Downloadable book on teaching with new media and a bimonthly e-newsletter on Internet safety.

U.S. History

    * Links to radio spots on how Congress makes a difference in our lives and history of African Americans in the United States.

World History

    * Link to online Holocaust workshop and teaching resources.


    * Links to lesson ideas and activities; essays by young people with prompts for student writing; world newspapers; and a site where students to write and illustrate their own comic strips.

Career in Education

    * Links to information on job searches, professional development workshops and case studies, and research reports and other publications on the latest studies in education today.
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