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The History Channel Classroom has Educational resources
« on: December 06, 2008, 07:30:05 PM »
The History Channel Classroom has Educational resources

FREE Study Guides:

Historyâ„¢ proudly commemorates the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth with a new initiative entitled GIVE A LINCOLN FOR LINCOLNâ„¢. In association with the National Park Foundation and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, this program encourages Americans to help preserve six sites associated with Lincoln's life and legacy. For information about related contests, streaming video clips, and donation information visit this site and find out how you can help save Lincoln's legacy!

The White House: Behind Closed Doors
Historyâ„¢ is pleased to present The White House: Behind Closed Doors on Wednesday, November 26th at 9pm/8c. In this special program, viewers join President and Mrs. Bush for the first in-depth televised tour of The White House since First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy invited cameras inside in 1962. Visit to learn more about the history of The White House.

Robert F. Kennedy Bridge Dedication
HISTORYâ„¢ is pleased to join in celebrating the dedication of the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge on November 19th in New York City (formerly the Triborough Bridge.) To learn about the work of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, click here. To view the HISTORY teacher's guide based on RFK's famous "Ripple of Hope" speech click here.

Take A Veteran To School Day
Thank you to all of the schools, cable operators, communities, and businesses who participated in Take a Veteran to School Day and Thank a Veteran at Work Day. Thank you for joining us in showing gratitude to our veterans and making this program a huge success. Visit in 2009!

Take the Citizenship Quiz!
Each year, nearly 700,000 individuals must pass a test in U.S. history and civics on their path to becoming U.S. citizens. History® has developed a fun and engaging program called The Citizenship Quiz which challenges all Americans to learn the answers to the citizenship test and build their knowledge of our nation's history. Log on to to practice the test, play games, watch related video clips, and more.

Liberty's Kids
We are pleased to announce that episodes of the animated series Liberty's Kids will air on Historyâ„¢ starting on July 4th. Episodes of this popular series about the era of the American Revolution will air daily on weekdays in July at 7am/6c. Follow this colorful journey through the Revolutionary era with the young reporters Sarah, James and friends.

September 18-19, 6am ET/PT
December 29-30, 6am ET/PT
Forty years after Martin Luther King's assassination, newsman Tom Brokaw takes viewers through the extraordinary life and times of America's civil rights visionary. Click here for the study guide.

American Forests
American Forests, the nation's oldest nonprofit conservation group, has created the Historic Trees program to encourage individuals to purchase and plant the offspring of trees related to significant people, places, and events. These trees have roots in the lives of famous figures such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and are a creative addition to historical classroom projects. To learn more about American Forests and the Historic Tree program, click here.

Black History Month
Every February, classrooms throughout the country observe Black History Month. The History Channel Classroom has study guides, video clips, and other resources available for Black History Month lesson plans, projects, and activities. Click here to visit this site: Thanks to Red Lobster for their support of Black History Month.

Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson is an insightful one-hour documentary about the life, career, policies, and personality of the 7th U.S. President. This program offers a fresh interpretation of the life and legacy of “Old Hickory.” Click here to view the study guide.

Jamestown Resources
This year marks the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Jamestown colony. In commemoration of this anniversary, The History Channel has created an original interactive website for educators and students to explore the history and development of Jamestown. This site features colorful artwork, animated maps and drawings, primary source documents, and insights from historical experts. Click here to enter the site and experience this unique perspective on the history of Jamestown. Also, visit JAMESTOWN LIVE! to view an hour-long webcast plus free lesson plans, resource guide and student surveys.

Save Our History: The Search for George Washington
George Washington is considered by many to be the most iconic figure in American history. But in many ways, Washington remains shrouded in myth, his actual life often overshadowed by distorted images and tales. Save Our History: The Search for George Washington chronicles a contemporary effort to recover a more authentic view of our foremost statesman. Click here to visit the George Washington Classroom website.

Save Our History: A Victorian Reborn
This Save Our History one-hour documentary, hosted by Steve Thomas, documents the revival efforts covering every aspect of the home. Interviews with local historians and preservation specialists reveal the historical changes which prompted the neglect of this and similar homes, and describe ways its restoration can help rejuvenate the once-bustling neighborhood in which it is located. Educators and their students will find this documentary to be a primary example of "hands-on history"-the journey to restore the McCubbins-McCanless house is a journey to recover the history and stories of this town. Click here to view the Website and study guide.

The History Channel Multimedia Classroom
THE HISTORY CHANNEL is proud to announce The History Channel Multimedia Classroom, a set of exciting, interactive social studies teaching tools drawn from its award-winning program content. These lesson plans, correlated to individual state and national curriculum standards, are easy to use for teachers, parents, and students. Each lesson plan combines short clips of our original programming with primary source documents, discussion questions, extended activities, maps and images, and suggested reading lists. The lesson plan components, in CD-Rom format, are paired with DVD versions of the full-length programs on which they are based. Geared toward students in grades 8 through junior college, these lessons provide educators with an exciting way to bring video into the classroom without having to navigate through hours of programming to get there. If you would like more information this exciting new resource, including purchasing information, please visit The History Channel Education Online Store.

Learning With Lincoln
The History Channel and Lincoln Financial Group are pleased to provide the following curriculum guides introducing students to the core life values Abraham Lincoln represents. Lincoln Financial Group proudly observes these six life values through their business practices. Through shared ownership and an emphasis on personal excellence in the workplace and beyond, Lincoln Financial Group encourages all employees to live up to the stellar model of our nation's sixteenth president. Through the following activities, Lincoln Financial Group strives to inspire young people to embrace these six values in their daily lives. View the 5th grade lesson plan or view the 8th grade lesson plan. (To download this file, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

America on the Move
In November 2003, the Smithsonian Institution unveiled a new exhibit called "America on the Move" that explores major changes in American society and culture through the history of transportation and travel. The History Channel, in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution, has created a program highlighting this fascinating exhibit and its monumental construction.

TR An American Lion: Webcast
Welcome to NYC schools!
Watch the webcast here and learn more about the interesting life of Teddy Roosevelt from the experts!

Live from Austin: The Story of Davy Crockett
Take your students on an online field trip to the past! Join us for a live educational event on the life and legend of Davy Crockett. 7th grade and all middle school students across Texas and the nation are invited to participate. Visit the Web site for free educational materials and more information.

Save Our History
To order one of our award-winning Save Our History teacher's manuals, click here. It's free!


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