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in2edu.....unique resources prepared by a currently teaching ICT teacher.

Featuring: ICT exemplars, integrated thematic units that focus on thinking, thinking resources, mindmapping tools (including downloadable Inspiration mindmaps), awards and banners in colour/blackline master form that you can view and download. A members section where you can download all our internet links in various forms to have on your own computer.


AND now.. we are moving all our banners and awards to:

Check a new venture we have participated in. Now with over 500 members.

Contact Information provides free teacher and pupil resources, has a registered membership of over 1100 members, and sometimes emails over 2,000 New Zealand schools with education and ICT tips and resources.

Online for over eight years, we are pioneering in providing integrated thematic unit learning resources, that provide a basis from which rich learning tasks can be undertaken. We are one of the leading educational web-sites for educators in New Zealand. References for our site can be found here.

Warren Grieve (B. Ed, Dip of Teaching) is the author of this site. He is a ICT (Information and Communications Technology) specialist facilitator/ teacher in Canterbury New Zealand. Over the last 17 years he has run ICT contracts, established and supported clusters of schools in the implementation of ICT, installed networks and serviced ICT equipment and is currently a full time ICT Facilitator at Medbury School, a primary-aged private school in Christchurch, New Zealand.

He enjoys creating resources, scouring the WWW to bring the best of sites and information into one easy area to make teachers and pupils learning journey easier.

He is the most proud of his WWW database... links teachers install on their own computers to cut down hours of surfing time.. these are what is availabe on our website here, but can also be downloaded in a easy to use form on a local machine. Also proud of the new resource STEPS.. will say no more click and find out.


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