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Paintball2 is a fast-paced first-person game for Linux or Windows - Very Popular!

  Frequently Asked Questions  ||
How do I install/reinstall/uninstall the game?
Install: Simply extract the zip to c:\games (or wherever you want).  A paintball2 folder is created automatically.  Click here for a full installation guide.
Reinstall: Usually just deleting paintball2\pball\configs\config.cfg will effectively "reinstall" the game as it will reset all your settings.  Otherwise you can delete the paintball2 directory and re-extract it from the zip file.
Uninstall:  Delete the paintball2 directory.  That's it.

What's OpenGL?  Where do I get it?
OpenGL, short for Open Graphics Library, is used for rendering the 3D graphics in Paintball2.  While OpenGL comes installed on recent versions of Windows, often times the default video card drivers won't support it.  Some older hardware won't support OpenGL at all.  In order to play Paintball2, you will need to install video drivers that support OpenGL.

How do I tell what video card I have?
Right-click on "My Computer."  Go to "Properties."  Click on the "Hardware" tab.  Click "Device Manager."  Click the [ + ] next to "Display Adaptors."

Where do I download drivers?
This depends on the card you have.  If your card has an nVidia chipset, go to and click on "Download Drivers."  Select "Graphics driver" and chose the appropriate one for your card.  If you have an ATi card, visit and click on "Drivers & Software."  Select your OS, then "Graphic Driver" and select the appropriate one for your card.  If you have another card, search google for the name displayed in Device Manager (see "How do I tell what video card I have?").  You may need to add "drivers" to your query in order to find a place to download drivers.  If you're having trouble finding a place to download drivers, contact us and we'll try to help you out.

Why do I get the error, "Can't load pics/colormap.pcx"?
Ten times out of ten, this means you installed the game incorrectly.  Either you tried to run an update/patch by itself, without having previously installed a full version, or you extracted it to the wrong directory.  For more information, see the Installation Guide.

Are there any bots?
There is a crude ACEBot implementation, but the bots just wander around and shoot for now (no CTF/weapon strategy yet).  To add a bot to your game, type "sv addbot", or if you're remotely logged in, simply "addbot".  To control the bots, use "sv botcommand <all/botname> <command>".  For example, "sv botcommand all join red" or "sv botcommand ACEBot_1 say hi".  To remove bots, type "sv removebot <all/botname>".

Do you make money off of this game?
Nope.  Some people have donated some cash, but there's not much profit to be made from a free game.
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