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IceClean is a powerful System Maintenance and Optimization Tool for 10.4 to 10.10

IceClean is a powerful System Maintenance and Optimization Tool using only UNIX built-in System Tasks to help your Mac stay healty and to keep it running smoothly. Version 3.0 is now completely
renewed in Scripting and Cocoa Interface for help you in faster and useful Tasks Managing of All Unix Power.


System Maintenance Process & Infos
- Full System Profiler
- Periodic Routine Scripts
- Verify Preferences .plist files
- Repair Permissions
- Update Prebindings
- Update Locate & Whatis Databases
- Rebuild Launchservices
- Unix MAN Pages
- Call Terminal & Console


- Spotlight features
(Rebuild, Optimize, Remove Databases.
Show Spotlight Index Status, Enable or Disable
Spotlilght Indexing)
- Dashboard ON/OFF
- Time Machine Backup Now Option
- Show Hidden Files and Folders
- Force Relaunch Dock and Finder
- Show Finder 'Quit' Item
- Enable or Disable Finder Animations
- Rebuild Finder Menu Icons
- Force Empty All Trashes
- Completely remove .DS_Store Files
- Disable .DS_Store files from creating on Network Volumes
- Three Desktop Screenshots Capture Options
- SpeedUp Applications Windows Opening
- Fast Screen Lock
- Quick Display Sleep
- CD-DVD RW Quick and Full Erase
- Force CD-DVD Eject
- Speed Up Dashboard
- 2D & 3D Dock

Security & Network
- Display Network Status & Socket Connections
- Traceroute
- Whois Informations
- AFP Connection Name Option
- Enable or Disable Journaling Process
- System Activity Monitor (CPU, Memory & Threads Usage)
- General Network Info (IP Number, DNS Servers, TCP/IP & UDP Statistics)
- Enable or Disable Firewall
- Show Firewall Settings and Rules

Version 2.5 for OS 10.4
Version 3.4.6 for OS 10.5 or Later
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