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Encyclopodia brings the Wikipedia encyclopedia to the Apple iPod

What is Encyclopodia?

Encyclopodia is a free software project that brings the Wikipedia, which is one of the largest encyclopedias in the world, to the Apple iPod. Encyclopodia can be installed on iPod genarations one to four, as well as on iPod Minis and Photo iPods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is my iPod supprted?

    * The following iPod generations have been successfully tested with Encyclopodia: 3rd Generation, 4th Generation, iPod Photo, iPod Mini 1st and 2nd Generation
    * The following iPods should also work but I don't have any feedback yet: 1st Generation, 2nd Generation, iPod Color
    * The following iPods do definitely not work with Encyclopodia: 5th Generation (Video), Nano, Video, and (obviously) shuffle

If you don't know your iPod's generation, either identify it manually or simply try to run the setup wizard. If your iPod isn't supported, the setup-wizard will refuse to install Encyclopodia.

Question: When will there be a version of Encyclopodia for the iPod nano/5G/XXX
Answer: I don't know. Please don't send me emails asking this question, I cannot tell you any further details.

Question: Can I still listen to music on my iPod after installing Encyclopodia?
Answer: Yes. The installation wizard does not touch the music files on your iPod. When the iPod boots, you can decide whether to start Encyclopodia or the original Apple-Software (to listen to music). However, it's currently not possible to do both at the same time.

Question: How much of the iPod's disk space will be occupied by Encyclopodia?
Answer: It depends on the number of different languages you want to install Wikipedia on your iPod. An Encyclopodia-installation consists of two parts:

    * An application that displays encyclopedia articles on the iPod's screen. This application doesn't occupy any disk space, because it is installed on a disk partition the iPod wouldn't use anyway.
    * The encyclopedia data. You can chose whether to install only a single encyclopedia or whether you want to install several different encyclopedias in parallel (e.g. different languages of Wikipedia) by downloading just the files you want to have on your iPod. The size of those encyclopedia-files can be found in the Ebook-Library.

Question: How can I uninstall Encyclopodia?
Answert: The installation wizard contains a readme-file that describes how to uninstall Encyclopodia. Alternatively, you can use the description on the uninstallation-page of ipodlinux.

Question: How can I turn on the backlight?
Answer: The settings-menu currently doesn't contain the backlight-option. This will be fixed soon. In the meanwhile, you can turn on the backlight by holding the menu-key for about 3 seconds.

Question: How can I save settings such as the disply contrast?
Answer: This isn't possibly yet, you have to set the contrast again each time you start Encyclopodia. This will be fixed soon.

Question: Can I install Encyclopodia in parallel to ipodlinux?
Answer: Encyclopodia is based on ipodlinux. Please see this post on the ipodlinux-forums for further details.

Question: How can I create epodia-files on my own?
Answer: epodia-files can be created with the program wiki2ebook. If you have created an ebook by yourself and would like to publish it on the Encyclopodia-Library, please send me an Email. Make sure your file contains all the neccessary copyright and licensing informations.

Question: Help! My iPod is broken!
Answer: It isn't. Please look at the Troubleshooting page.


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