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Help Sponsor Needy Children with Care2's Help Children in Need
« on: January 03, 2009, 08:37:08 AM »
Help Sponsor Needy Children with Care2's Help Children in Need

So far, 2,512,933 people have provided 1,055 months of child sponsorship

about children in need
With parents struggling to make ends meet on a few dollars a day, it is all too common for impoverished children to go to bed hungry. Their bare, calloused feet, dirt-caked faces and tattered clothes tell their story of struggle. For many, education is considered a luxury. Lacking such things as school supplies or uniforms can keep a poor child from attending school. Oftentimes, medical and dental care is unavailable or difficult to access, let alone afford. Simple ailments like diarrhea can be deadly when you are a poor child.

about Children International
Children International is a nonprofit, humanitarian organization dedicated to easing the burdens of poverty on poor children. Children International's child sponsorship solution provides health, educational and material aid to impoverished children around the world. One-to-one sponsorship gives these children the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and realize their full potential.

how your clicks turn into donations
Our advertisers sponsor this site and make your donations to Children International possible. Every day that you click, you are generating a true cash donation. Care2 guarantees every daily click-through to the 'Thank You' / Sponsor page will generate a donation of at least $1 CPM from the advertisers. You can show your support for our advertisers by clicking on their ads. Care2 pools all of the daily donations and delivers these funds to Children International on a regular basis.

how your click helps children
Children International's sponsorship program is designed to impact every aspect of a child's life. Through your daily clicks, you are helping sponsored children receive life-changing assistance in areas such as:

Health: access to a doctor, dentist, vaccines and medicine
Education: uniforms and school supplies, tuition assistance, access to libraries and tutoring
Nutrition: malnutrition screenings, feeding programs, supplements and educational programs
Youth: peer education, leadership and vocational training, civic responsibility and scholarships
Community: clean-water initiatives, sanitary latrines and micro-enterprise programs and grants
Family: household items, income-generation programs, educational opportunities and housing and home-repair assistance

Learn more about the specific children your daily clicks help sponsor.

Read success stories about children who have been helped through Children International.

You can sponsor a child yourself through Children International today.


Thank You!    
Your click helped sponsor 1 child in need today.
you have supported 43 days of child sponsorship so far
Together we've provided 1,055 months of child sponsorship.
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