Author Topic: Help Protect Women Worldwide with Care2's Race To Stop Violence Against Women  (Read 2521 times)

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Help Protect Women Worldwide with Care2's Race To Stop Violence Against Women

Your Free Click
Generates a Donation
to Stop Violence
against Women.


Your free click just generated 3 letters
of support to stop violence against women. 

A Case Study:

When you click daily to help Amnesty International, your clicks help generate letters to fight on behalf of brave women like Kavira:

Kavira is a farmer in her 50s who lives near a military camp in Mangangu, near the town of Beni, North-Kivu province, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. In this area conflict between different armed forces has been raging for more than five years and where many woman and girls have been raped, mutilated and killed with complete impunity.

A soldier broke into Kavira Muraulu's home late one night and raped her. The next day she went to lodge a complaint about him -- he and his friends came back and beat her. Undaunted, she went on complaining. So they bayoneted her in the stomach. The man who raped Kavira on May 16, 2003 was a soldier from the military camp. When she complained to his military commander, he ordered the soldier to pay her three US dollars in compensation, but took no action when the order was ignored. She took her complaint to the local district governor, who issued reassurances and told her to go home, but made no arrangements to ensure her safety.

Your clicks help draw more attention to crimes like these and will help stop more from occuring! Thank you for your help!
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