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Help Prevent Breast Cancer with and the Breast Cancer Fund

Prevent Breast Cancer Daily:

With more than half of breast cancer cases remaining unexplained by traditional risk factors, scientists increasingly indicate that these cases have environmental links. Every day that you click on the "Prevent Breast Cancer" button, an advertising sponsor donates approximately $.005 to the Breast Cancer Fund's environmental health legislative and outreach work. This work helps ensure that you and your family are safe from radiation and cancer-causing chemicals in your everyday life. Every click helps the Breast Cancer Fund support its work to prevent causes of this devastating epidemic.

Breast Cancer Fund

Over 100,000 synthetic chemicals are registered for use in the U.S. with fewer than 10 percent of these chemicals tested for their effects on human health. As breast cancer rates continue to rise, scientific evidence indicates that even small doses of chemical exposure can contribute to breast cancer. The Breast Cancer Fund is the leading national organization focused on identifying and advocating for the elimination of the environmental and preventable causes of the disease.


Today you took 12 steps towards eliminating environmental causes of breast cancer.
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