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Shrook is an RSS and Atom Reader without the hassle - for Mac OS X 10.4 or later

RSS and Atom without the hassle

Shrook is a next-generation news reader that is not only easy to use, but offers advanced features not available to Mac users anywhere else. It supports all versions of RSS and Atom. Oh, and it's free.

Smart groups without setting up rules
    Using the same Bayesian statistical filtering as Mail's Junk filter, Shrook's Learning Groups are able to pick out items of interest based solely on examples you provide. The system is smarter than setting up search keywords, since it can detect and ignore irrelevant results.

New items without the wait
    With Shrook, new items appear on your desktop just five minutes after they were published, quicker than any other news reader. This is down to Shrook's sophisticated Distributed Checking mechanism. Each time one copy of Shrook finds a new item, it tells the central server, which tells all of the other copies, including yours.

Podcasts without missing the text
    Shrook has the most comprehensive built-in podcast implementation of any Mac newsreader. When Shrook encounters a podcast, it is downloaded and added to iTunes. When you connect your iPod, not only does iTunes copy the audio, but Shrook downloads the text content of all your feeds to read on your iPod's screen, complete with links to access the audio.

Synchronization with no hassle and real privacy
    To get synchronization working, you just need to enter the username and password of your account on each computer, and Shrook does the rest. Synchronization happens every five minutes while you're connected to the internet, meaning you never have to remember, or forget, to do it. None of your data is shared with the public, other users, corporate overlords or marketing droids. values your privacy.

Get news without your Mac

    With a account and synchronization, you can log in from any web browser, and all of your channels will be there. It has up-to-date information on what you've read, and when you get back to Shrook itself, it'll know what you looked at when you were away.

And more:
# Instant Notifications - Built-in support for Growl
# Spotlight support - Shrook items appear in Spotlight search results.
# No Browser Required - View webpages directly in Shrook.
# Smart Groups - Define almost any combination of rules to pick out items you want, all updated in real time.
# Scrapbooks - Save individual items to look at later.
# Blogging Integration - Use external blog editors directly from Shrook
# Real-time search - Enter a word into Shrook's search box, and the list of channels or items instantly reduces to those matching the search.
# Secure access - Shrook provides access to private channels via HTTPS encryption (including self-signed) and password protection. Passwords are stored securely in your Keychain. It also shares credentials with Safari, so if you log in there you can read private channels in Shrook.
# Channel Guide - Shrook comes with an integrated channel guide to help you find new channels. It's loaded from the web, so it's always up to date.
# Quick subscription - Shrook supports feed: links, which allow you to add a channel to Shrook just by clicking a link on a web page.

Universal Binary

Requires Mac OS X v10.4 or v10.5


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