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PrintMaster Express is a free print creativity application for Windows 95 to XP

PrintMaster Express is a free downloadable print creativity application that lets you add personality and flair to any occasion! It is modeled after the award-winning PrintMaster brand of software that has been recognized by Family PC Magazine as being "Top-Rated" and "Family Tested and Recommended."

With PrintMaster Express you can easily create Greeting Cards, Note Cards, Banners, Calendars, Photo Projects and so much more. Other features include an address book complete with event reminders for birthdays and anniversaries, plus mail merge capabilities that let you send personalized letters, invitations, and newsletters.

The interface is easy enough for kids to learn and use, but flexible enough, providing full functionality for creating a wide variety of projects. ALL FOR FREE!

PrintMaster Express is perfect for creating and using:

    * ExpressIt Projects
    * Greeting Cards
    * Banners
    * Brochures
    * Certificates
    * Calendars
    * Labels & Envelopes
    * Business Cards
    * ExpressIt Art
    * Note Cards
    * Fax Covers
    * Letterhead
    * Newsletters
    * Crafts
    * Photo Projects
    * Animated Greetings and More!

System Requirements:

    * Platform: Windows 95/98/2000, or Windows NT 4
    * CPU: Pentium/133MHz or faster
    * RAM: 32MB
    * HD Space: 15MB available
    * Display: 800x600 Display, 16-bit color
    * Browser: Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape 4.0 or higher
    * Internet Access: 14.4 KBPS modem or faster and Internet access for online projects, graphics, animated greetings, and online services


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