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EverSave allows you to save all of your documents by timer or application.

What is EverSave?

EverSave is a clever tool which allows you to save all of your documents - if possible - in a specific time interval or by changing the frontmost application. This means no more data loss if applications crash.

If you want to know more information about EverSave, just take a look at the guide below.

   Easy access via Mac OS X' status bar

Access EverSave easy and comfortable by Mac OS X's status bar. No need to search for the application or to open it. EverSave always runs in the background.


EverSave is being controlled by five different tabs in a single window - this makes configuration quickly and user-friendly.

   General settings

EverSave's first tab contains the general settings. There are four sections:

You can define if you would like EverSave to save either your frontmost or your self-defined applications.

Should EverSave handle all documents or the frontmost only?

When to save:
You can choose the time of your autosaves. EverSave provides two different options - Save when changing frontmost process and / or save when timer ends.

Additional settigs:
EverSave offers the option to ask before saving so you don't run the risk of overwriting existing text.

   Application list

You don't want to save every frontmost application? No problem, just drag and drop your desired applications to the list in the second tab - "Applications".

   Microsoft Office

New in version 1.0.1: Microsoft Office 2004 and 2008 are fully supported.

   Auto-add applications

EverSave includes a very handy auto-add function. When enabled, everytime you switch to another process, EverSave will ask you to add it to its list. Don't worry, it does this only if the application it not in your blacklist (a list of applications that EverSave won't handle) and (seems to be) capable of saving documents.

   Save your documents - Timed

EverSave's third tab is its timer. The timer allows you to save your frontmost document(s) with your settings in the defined time interval. This function works with almost every document-based application.

   Turn EverSave on or off - at any time

You don't want to quit EverSave but also don't want it to save your documents for the moment? No problem, EverSave featues a self-assignable hotkey which is used to de- or activate EverSave at any time.

   Save all applications with only one click

EverSave's last tab is called the "Action"-tab. There you can let EverSave try to save all of your documents of every application currently between sleeping, restarting or shutting down your Mac after all applications are saved.


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