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Sweepi 5.3.01 for Windows (all)
« on: January 13, 2007, 07:14:54 AM »
Sweepi 5.3.01 for Windows (all)

License:     Freeware
 Price:    FREE
 OS:    Windows All
 Size:    4.77 MB
 Download time:    56K: 11m 37s  64K: 10m 10s  128K: 5m 5s  768K: 50s
 Last Updated:    January 1st, 22:17 GMT
 Category:    C: \ Security \ Secure cleaning

Sweepi description :

Is your system slower and less efficient than it was before? YooApplications presents Sweepi is a free program that helps you to solve this problem and protect your privacy.

Windows automatically files great amounts of data on your hard drive that document your work and your usage of the internet. In time this data gets to be so large that it influences the efficiency of your system.

Additionally, this data can be used by spyware programs to document your internet history and to accede to your personal data. Sweepi will help you find the unnecessary data quickly and safely destroy it.


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