Author Topic: SoundApp Reborn is a remake of Mac Classic SoundApp for Mac OS X.  (Read 2370 times)

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SoundApp Reborn is a remake of Mac Classic SoundApp for Mac OS X.

SoundApp. Reborn.

If you're an old-timer on the Mac, you might remember Norman Franke's excellent SoundApp for the old Mac OS 7-9. It played sound, plain and simple. No fuss.

SoundApp Reborn is a remake of SoundApp for Mac OS X. However, it is still missing many, many features.

Now, this is just the first version, version 0.1 at that. There's no conversion, and some features are missing. It should do all the basic stuff you'd expect, though. Try it out! Contact me if you find something buggy or just feel you have something you want to say about it.

The Original

SoundApp was written by Norman Franke a long, long time ago. There were numerous requests for it to be ported to Mac OS X, but one can only suppose that he didn't have the time. And who blames him? SoundApp didn't use QuickTime; it had its own playback and conversion engine. I'm sure it would be a great deal of work to port all that over.

However, what most people miss is the user interface. And that's what I'm bringing back.


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