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Library Hunter is a free program for Mac OS X 10.4 (or later) to catalog, sort, and organize your stuff

Library Hunter is application for Mac to catalog your movies, books, games and music albums… All in one place. You don’t need to enter the information by yourself, Library Hunter will download them from the net, enter only the title or keyword to search with. You’ve got more than a Mac, or and iOS device? That’s perfect, Library Hunter can sync everything via Dropbox.


Library Hunter will accelerate your cataloguing frenzy. Find all the information about your medias from various sites (The Movie Database, Discogs,Internet Book Shop). To search enter the title, author or keyword, Library Hunter will do the work.

You’ve got more than a Mac or an iOS Device. Great, you don’t have to worry about that… Library Hunter will keep everything in sync. The sync works has no problems with firewalls and is completely automatic. Turn it on and your collection will be updated everywhere right where you need it.

You’ve just finished a great book or movie… Let you friend know about that, share on social with one click. But then your friend will want to borrow it, that’s great share the books, music or games you loved. Library Hunter can manage borrow and lending… You’ll never forget who loaned your stuffs, even if they keep them for a few years.
Order & Organization

Library Hunter has a lot of of predefined lists to help you to organize your medias and even your (always growing) wish-list. That’s not enough, you can create your own lists to reorder and divide . Or simply use the Smart-List that they’ll automatically update them-selfs.
Easily Migrate

You’re are using the Hunter Suite?… Don’t worry, you can upgrade right now. Library Hunter will import all your medias from the older softwares.
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