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MU.LAB is an alternative software music studio for OSX and Windows.

MU.LAB is an alternative, state of the art software application for OSX and Windows, transforming your computer into a real music studio!

It does not overwhelm you with a complex feature set, in which you can get lost.

On the contrary, MU.LAB is a user-friendly yet rock-solid musical tool designed to create, finetune and play Your Music!

MU.LAB's core feature set:

    * Audio Recording & Playback
    * MIDI Recording & Playback
    * Flexible Composition & Sequence Editing
    * Supports Audio and MIDI VST Plugins
    * ReWire Master
    * Powerful Audio and MIDI Plugin Routing (up to 100% modular if you want)
    * Integrated high quality synths, samplers and effects
    * High quality Audio Engine
    * Sample Accurate Sequencing
    * Available for OSX (Universal Binary) and Windows
    * Can work from a USB memory stick

MU.LAB comes in 2 flavors: MU.LAB Free and MU.LAB Unlimited.

MU.LAB Free (which is free to everyone!) has a 6 track limit, can only mixdown in 16 Bit and only supports 1 mono out for ReWired devices. But be sure: a creative soul can do A LOT with that!

MU.LAB Unlimited on the other hand can do unlimited tracks, can also mixdown in 32 Bit for more extensive musical productions, and supports all available audio outputs for ReWired devices!

System Requirements

    * Windows NT, 2K, XP, Vista. + ASIO driver!
    * Apple: OSX 10.4 or higher
    * Powerful CPU
    * Graphics resolution 1024 x 768 or better
    * Good soundcard with good driver


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