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YTPooper is a real-time video mangler for the creation of YouTube Poops ...

A few months ago, I discovered the wacky world of YouTube Poops, when looking for “normal” videos. Since then, I have been entertained and captivated by some of the submissions.

YouTube Poops are hard to define precisely, but they usually focus on repetition, audio mangling, distortion, tweaking of brightness/contrast, and speed changing.  This is just an overview, because there are many more effects used and abused. The source material can range from old cartoons to 90s CD-I clips, but any clip can be used.


YTPooper is a small application that helps users create YouTube Poops.  It won't substitute for the good (or bad) taste required to make a good film.  It can be used to create entire films, or just to manipulate certain effects.


1) On the fly stuttering effects, ranging from 50 milliseconds to 3 seconds.

2) Draw synthesis of speed and position using mouse, or manually entered

3) “Return” function to revert to defaults

4) Freaky audio effects, ranging from a nasty distortion to brain-oozing tap reverb and granular synthesis

5) Preset brightness/contrast/saturation settings, but manual setting is also possible

6) Records goal film to hard disk

7) Will open .mov, .wmv, .mp4, and most other digital film formats
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