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TimeTracker (TT) is a PC activity monitor for Windows.
« on: February 08, 2009, 07:14:39 PM »
TimeTracker (TT) is a PC activity monitor for Windows.

What is it?

TimeTracker (TT) is a PC activity monitor for Windows.

Ever spent the day in front of your PC, only to wonder at 5pm what you did that
day? TT will tell you.

TT will sit in your system tray and check every second which window is currently
active on your desktop. The active window is the one you are currently typing or
clicking in, and should be an accurate estimate of what you are working on.
TT captures the window caption from the title bar and tracks the active time for
that window.

TT also allows the traditional feature of manual timers, you may enter your own
task name and either double click (or use Space or Enter) to start/stop the task

The main aim of TT is though to be a time tracking tool that requires very little
little user intervention. Who wants to do the boring work of timesheets? Rules
allow TT to be able to tell which window activity belongs to which user task.
Rules can be one or more partial window captions or file names, when any one
of these conditions are met TT will start the task timer. When the conditions
cease, TT will stop the task timer.

The window and task active times can be saved to CSV (comma separated value)

TT was designed to use very little computer resources, especially when running

TT does not need to be installed, simply run the exe file.

The main functions of TT are available in a popup menu, right click anywhere in
the window or on the system tray icon to display the popup menu.

What it is not?

TT does not capture keystrokes or mouse clicks.
TT does not use the Internet.
TT does not use the Windows registry and will run from any USB flash disk.

What does it run on?

TT was tested under Windows 98, XP and Vista. It should also run under 95 and


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