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Check out PBS Online: a Learning Resource for Kids, Parents, and Teachers!

Four separate sites for Learning and Fun:

Come play with all your favorite preschool characters! LOTS of Fun (and Learning!) for Kids at PBS Kids!  Music! Games! Coloring!

Find games, activities and parenting advice for raising your PBS Kid!

PBS KIDS Raising Readers

Welcome Parents and Teachers!

Kids love to learn. And with your help, they'll learn to love reading with resources from PBS KIDS programs Between the Lions, Sesame Street, SUPER WHY, and WordWorld.

With PBS KIDS Island, children ages 2-5 can play reading games, earn tickets, and collect prizes. Then, track your child's progress and get activities, lesson plans and tips just for parents, caregivers and teachers with PBS KIDS Raising Readers.

We're adding new features often, including a Word of the Day and games for children 6-8. Come back soon to see what's new!

PBS Teachers!  Free preK-12 resources to support learning at home and at school.

Are You a PBS Teacher?

You are if you use digital media to teach! Sign up and join thousands of classroom teachers, home educators, media specialists and professional development providers who use PBS and public media resources to engage students. When you register, you will receive:

    * Access to select PBS resources
    * A personalized page with resources aligned to your subject & grade
    * A customized local station program schedule
    * A 10% discount coupon for PBS Shop for Teachers
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