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KoalaCalc™ is a free Basic or Scientific calculator for Mac OS X and Mac OS 9

KoalaCalc™ is a free scientific calculator for Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.

In 'simple' mode, KoalaCalc looks similar to the standard calculator that comes with the Mac OS. However, simply click the 'advanced features' box and KoalaCalc comes to life to become one of the most advanced scientific calculators available.

The list of features includes:

    * Numerous mathematical functions including trig and log functions plus 10 individual memory banks
    * Conversion to and from dozens of units (inches to millimeters, pounds to kilograms, etc.)
    * International currency conversions, which can be updated via the Internet to the latest rates set by the International Monetary Fund
    * Basic statistical calculations on up to 10 data sets including t-tests and analysis of variance (ANOVA)
    * Fraction converter converts from decimal to fraction and from fraction to decimal
    * Fraction calculator can add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions
    * Built-in tape recorder (contents can be saved, recalled, or printed)
    * Voice recognition input (great for people with limited use of their hands)
    * Voice feedback (button pressed and/or computed value can be read aloud)
    * Built-in expression calculator which supports brackets and logical order of operations
    * Probability calculator computes exact p value based on the F distribution, with or without epsilon correction (this unique feature is useful for statistical calculations)
    * Customizable constants menu
    * No second function button - all features have their own button
    * Most buttons including advanced scientific functions include keyboard shortcuts - a real time saver
    * Help on how to use each button is provided by simply leaving the mouse cursor over a button for a few seconds
    * User can set various preferences including
    * Advanced features can be hidden to reduce the size of the footprint

Best of all, you pay nothing!
KoalaCalc is a free gift to you from Macropod Software!
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