Author Topic: CocoModX is a freeware audio module player for Mac OS X 10.3.9 to 10.6.8  (Read 3007 times)

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CocoModX is a freeware audio module player for Mac OS X 10.3.9 to 10.6.8

CocoModX is a freeware audio module player for Mac OS X.
It is capable of playing i.e. mod, xm, it, s3m, ahx and tfmx zipped mod files named mdz.
It also has the capability of downloading files from http and ftp sites and decompress lha, umx and zip files.
CocoModX has a nativ Cocoa frontend, and embeds the libmikmod, which was ported to Mac OS X by Fruitz-of-Dojo, the fast BASSMOD and the great MilkyPlay from Peter Barth. Also included the TFMX Framework based on the TFMX-Play by Jonathan H. Pickard and David Banz.

 the Features

    * able to play zipped mod files mdz
    * use music library for administer your songs
    * decompress ZIP and LHA files
    * drag&drop from files and folder into CocoModX
    * drag&drop files from CocoModX playlist into Mail, iChat and Finder
    * available in english and german
    * Pinestrip and Brushed-Metal look
    * downloading and playing files from http and ftp
    * URL Type support cmx:// URL Type example
    * full Finder integration
    * Dock-Menu navigation
    * able to create own playlist
    * Smart Playlist known from iTunes (Most played, Last played, Last added)
    * changing status message from iChat
    * converting every mod file to WAV
    * opening and saving m3u playlist
    * Applescript support for play, pause, next, prev, toggle playmode and convert files
    * export playlist as ZIP archiv, Plain-Text and HTML document (with tracks)

.: supported Formats

Audio formats:

    * Abyss Highest Experience
    * Amiga Oktalyzer
    * Asylum 1.0
    * CBA converted
    * Composer 669
    * DSIK DSM-Format
    * DSM Module Format
    * Digibooster
    * Digital Tracker
    * Digitracker 3
    * Digitrekker
    * Disorder Tracker 2


    * Epic Megagames MASI
    * Extended 669
    * Extreme Tracker
    * Farandole Composer
    * Fasttracker1+2
    * Future Composer 1.0-1.4 (AMIGA)
    * General DigiMusic
    * Imago Orpheus (MOD Format)
    * Impulse Tracker (compressed)
    * MXM Cubic Tiny XM
    * MikMod UNI v4-v5
    * Module 15 Instruments
    * Multitracker


    * OctaMed (MMD0 & MMD1)
    * Oktalyser
    * Oktalyzer
    * Polytracker
    * Protracker
    * Screamtracker
    * Startrekker
    * TFMX
    * TakeTracker
    * Ultra Tracker
    * Velvet Studio
    * Wuzamod (STM)

Compressed formats:

    * ZIP and MDZ
    * LHA
    * UMX
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