Author Topic: Shop4freebies was created to make saving money easy  (Read 3523 times)

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Shop4freebies was created to make saving money easy
« on: March 02, 2009, 08:03:12 PM »
Shop4freebies was created to make saving money easy!

Recommended by my dear friend JennyMac! A tip of the Santa's Cap to her! :hail: Thanks Jenny!  ;D 8) :bowing:  :hail:

Q: What is
A: Shop4freebies was created to make saving money easy. We put free samples, coupons, money saving tips & more all on one easy to use site that is updated every day with a new list of free stuff posted in "Today's Free List".

Q: Why Free? There has to be a catch!
A: Simple. Companies want your business and they want you as a future customer to their product.

Q: If I sign up for the newsletter, is my email address safe?
A: Yes, your privacy is protected by SafeSubscribeSM by Constant Contact®. We will not sell or give your email address to a third party without your previous permission. To read more on this just click on the "Privacy" link on the bottom of this page.

Q: Can I sign up for the newsletter if I'm not from the U.S?
A: At this time we only send to the U.S, International visitors can click on the "International" link on the left hand side of page.

Q: Do you allow advertising on your site?
A: Yes, only if you are giving away a 100% free sample or product.

Q: Why haven't my free samples arrived yet?
A: Most offers say they will arrive with in 8-12 weeks. We don't send out the free samples, we only post the link to the website giving a way the freebies. We try to post only the larger company's so that way most samples should turn up. Example: Wal-Mart and sites like this.

Q: Is the freebie forum simple to use?
A: It's really easy, just jump on and give it ago. Click on the "Forum" link up the top of page.
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